The Top 5 Stretch Mark Lotions

how-to-prevent-stretch-marks-during-pregnancyStretch marks are unsightly and they have the ability to completely destroy someone’s confidence, making them feel as if they have to cover up.

The reality is that most of us have these marks to some degree. They are caused by a variety of factors, including our genes, and it is almost unavoidable to not at least have some. However, that doesn’t mean we that we have to like them, or that we don’t try to find methods to remove them.

A number of invasive and semi-invasive procedures exist that are effective to varying degrees. However, noninvasive options, offered by creams and lotions, have the potential to be just as effective.

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Stretch marks are incredibly common and almost everybody has them. Yet, nobody likes to have them and very few show them off with pride, no matter how loudly they proclaim otherwise. The reality is simply that skin looks better, more radiant and younger if it is not marred by stretch marks. Although they are caused by a huge variety of reasons, most of which are natural processes of life such as puberty and pregnancy, most of us who have them will do anything to get rid of them. It is also for this reason that the various products available on the market, namely the lotions and creams and other topical remedies, are so popular.

You do, however, have to spend some time researching the different creams and lotions that are out there so that you can find the one that actually works for you. Below are the five best stretch mark creams and lotions on the market today. Hopefully, this will help you to finally get rid of the the nasty marks yourself.

It is important to understand that every person is different, as is every mark. Hence, although the products below are all incredibly popular because they have been shown to be effective in reviews, and some in clinical trials, how they actually works on your own skin will depend on you. Finding the perfect skin care product is something that will take some trial and error, in other words.

5 – TriLastin-SR

TriLastin-SR has recently been improved to make it more effective. It works on red, silver and white stretches. It has not been clinically tested, however, but the manufacturer claims the product is effective and it has been very positively reviewed. The product works in just three weeks and is suitable for men and women alike. Additionally, it addresses old and new stretchmarks.

It is free from paraben and non-greasy or scented. A significant issue is that TriLasting-SR is quite expensive, particularly compared to other similar products. Considering the product has not gone through clinical testings, whether it actually offers good value for money remains to be seen.

4 – Marksil

Marksil has gone through an eight-week study of consumer perception, where it was shown that the product helped to reduce stretch marks’ appearance. Additionally, statistical significance demonstrated that moisture content in the skin on areas affected by Striae was improved as well.

The clinical findings have been made publicly available. It is a completely safe product with important ingredients designed to smooth, firm and tone the skin. It is also an excellent moisturizer, which helps to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling smoother and more youthful. It also works on all types and tones of skin. One of the great benefits of this cream is that it is also very fast-acting.

3 – Revitol

Revitol is said to be one of the best anti stretch mark products out there. It promotes the creation of healthy skin cells, as well as the production of collagen. As such, it increases elasticity in the skin, as well as its strength. However, the product has not been clinically tested. It is an easy to apply cream designed to make the skin firmer and healthier. It is supposed to be effective within just two weeks, but the true results become visible after around five weeks of use.

2 – Skinception

Skinception is an intensive therapy. It is designed to stimulate the body to produce more natural collagen, thereby restoring the skin’s resilience. The product has not been clinically tested. However, some of the ingredients within Skinception have been tested and these tests have proven that it offers results.

The product focuses on red and purple discolorations of the skin, restoring the complexion to its natural and vibrant state. The cream works on the buttocks, thighs, arms, stomach and breast. However, whether the product also works on the back or hips is not known.

1 – Celtrixa

Finally, there is Celtrixa, which has taken first place. It is a clinically tested product that has been shown to reduce the appearance of stretched skin in just two weeks time. It works on old and new stretchmarks alike, focusing on the depth, the depression and the color of the marks. The look of the marks is reduced by as much as 75%, which is a very significant improvement.

The clinical test showed that 100% of users were happy with the results, which is unrivaled by all other products. You also need less of it in order for it to be effective than other products, and the reality is that it actually works. Take a quick look at their promotional video:


These are the five best products available on the market today. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a product that has been fully clinically tested. This tells you not only how effective a product is, but also that it is safe to use. Some of the products above have not been clinically tested, but they have still been included in the top five because they have been used by many different people and they have been very positively reviewed. Every person is an individual and each skin type is unique. This is why it may take you some time to discover which product is best for your own skin.