Dangers Of Teeth Whitening – See Product Reviews

teeth whitening brandsEvery woman, and increasingly, every man wants great looking, healthy skin. People want their body to advertise health and vitality. At the same time, consumers have become better educated and more concerned about the use of harsh or toxic chemicals contained in skin care products and the impact of these chemicals on their skin and on the environment. Consumers want to see dramatic results with no side effects and a low impact on the health of the planet.

As a result of these complementary requirements, interest in skin care items has exploded. Natural products use ingredients found in nature, such as plants and oils to cleanse and moisturize the body.

Popular organic ingredients include:

  • Jojoba Oil which is a great moisturizer for the body.
  • Green Tea which is high in antioxidants, prevents collagen breakdown and reduces UV damage to the body.
  • Argan Oil which is extracted from the fruit of a tree native to Morocco, and is effective in reducing wrinkles and moisturizing dry skin. It’s also effective at improving eczema and psoriasis.
  • Soy which is helpful in improving pigmentation problems.
  • Vitamin C, which is also known as Ascorbic Acid. It is extracted from citrus fruits and is effective in reducing wrinkles, fading brown spots on the skin, and as a brightener.

While many people create their own organic products at home most of us prefer to buy them like everything else – pre-mixed and conveniently packaged. Fortunately, there are many options available either from your favorite spa, local retailer, or from small, specialty retailers who sell their items through the internet.

Significant growth in the skin care industry has been stimulated by the aging Baby Boom population. Baby Boomers eat more healthily and enjoy a more active retirement life than previous generations. They want their body to reflect how they feel on the inside – youthful, vital, and attractive. Of course, Baby Boomers are not the only people using anti-aging brand. Consumers have learned that the best way to maintain attractive and wrinkle-free skin is to start early and consistently use the right products.   

As the popular website, Paula’s Choice points out, not all natural ingredients are automatically good for you and not all synthetic ingredients are automatically bad for you. Some of these ingredients can also be irritating to the skin, depending on their concentration, how frequently you use them, and whether your body has an allergy to them.

Dr. Leslie Baumann, the Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, reminds us that beauty brands solely derived from nature are probably better at preventing further aging than they are at turning back the signs of aging. “If you want to treat the wrinkles you already have, you may have to turn to synthetic products.” (WebMD. An Up-Close Look at Natural Skin Care Products. Viewed 3/10/15.)

The high demand for ever more effective natural brands has prompted the skin care industry to create more “cosmeceuticals” (cosmetics that have a medicinal action) formulated in combinations with other organic ingredients. For example, combining Green Tea Extract with Vitamin C and/or E. Natural products combined with other cosmeceutical ingredients are generally more stable and penetrate the body better than pure, natural skin care items.

Frequently, people who are enjoying the benefits of exercise, a healthy diet, and high-quality natural products will notice that the condition of their teeth does not match the rest of their physical condition. They want healthy, white teeth to go along with their physically fit bodies and flawless skin.

Steps You Can Take For Whiter Teeth At Home:

  1. Eat raw, crunchy fruits like apples, carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli to help naturally clean your teeth.
  2. Drink dairy products like low-fat milk, cheese, and greek yogurt. Dairy items contain calcium and Vitamin D that promote stronger teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  3. Use food grade hydrogen peroxide (H202) to rinse your mouth before brushing your teeth. It’s an effective whitening agent is not as harsh as some whitening agents. Don’t swallow it as it could make you sick.
  4. Brush your teeth with baking soda. Baking soda has well known whitening properties. Be careful not to brush too hard or you risk damaging your enamel.
  5. Brush your teeth with magnesium chloride and water. Just apply a few drops to your toothpaste and some water. It’s effective and does not damage your enamel.

While baking soda and magnesium are very inexpensive and natural ways to white teeth, there are much easier and more pleasant ways to whiten it more effectively. There are a number of methods available, including bleaching and whitening gels.

Like the skincare market, consumers are looking increasingly towards organic whitening brands. Consumers see these products are safer for their teeth than their chemical-based counterparts, have no risk of long-term side effects, and are based on simple, natural ingredients enhanced by science and research. Some people develop sensitivity to whitening. Laura Dodge, a dental care expert at About.com suggests that the peroxide used in most whitening items can cause sensitivity. If you develop sensitivity try reducing the frequency and the concentration of the whitening product.

A new brand that safe, effective, and free from harsh bleaches Alta White , a patented whitener that is simple to use, effective, and does not contain harsh bleaches that would harm your enamel. The active ingredients are Magnesium and Aluminum Trihydroxide. Aluminum Trihydroxide is made from the mineral gibbsite, which is also known as hydrargillite, and has been proven effective at polishing the teeth.

This product doesn’t use the usual strips or trays, so it also doesn’t leave the usual mess. Instead, it uses specially designed swabs. You use two swabs – one for your upper teeth and the other for your teeth, and discard after using. The product whitens your teeth in approximately 6 days and unlike other whiteners, it will also remove plaque. Alta White is conveniently located online at: http://best.altawhite.com/