Natural And Branded – Which Moisturizers Are Effective To Use?

finest anti aging moisturizer productsWhen trying to turn back the clock, one of the easiest and most often under-looked areas to improve the skin is moisture. It allows the skin to breathe, and like any organism, when it can breathe it tends to live longer! Many creams that contain benefits to reduce the signs of aging and improve overall skin health also have incredible benefits when it comes to moisture.

Examples of anti-aging products that are also moisturizers include cleansers, lotions and sometimes even toners. These products are not specifically designed for moisture, but the addition of ingredients like glycogen and natural oils provides a benefit in terms of hydrating the skin. Hydration is not the exact goal but a tremendous benefit.

So What Exactly Does Hydration Do For Skin?

Like most organs in the body, skin happens to require moisture. Water is around 80% of the entire body, so having moisture allows certain things to happen more easily.

  • Water is a universal solvent that allows for chemical reactions to take place that are essential to life. Things like DNA strands executing cell activity would be impossible without plenty of water to float across.
  • Water protects the body and other areas of the body against certain diseases by making it harder to breach the skin. Skin being more elastic makes it a lot more difficult to get under the skin with certain infections.
  • Water helps improve the immune system and deliver antioxidants to various areas of the body, the skin included. It has been clinically proven that drinking plenty of water contributes greatly to the immune system’s overall function.
  • Moist skin looks and feels better, improving self confidence!

So really there’s no arguing that moisture isn’t a core component of skin health and well-being. The only thing to discuss is how best to moisturize the body in order to make the absolute most out of your anti-aging efforts.

Few Things To Do To Improve Skin Moisture Without Buying Any Products:

  • Consume more healthy oils. Oils like fish oils, flax seed oils and krill oils are very healthy for your body. Taking a couple of these pills every single day is likely to improve its tone and make it much more moist and healthy. It’s suggested to take at least 2-4 capsules and have healthy oils with every meal instead of processed fats or starchy carbohydrates.
  • Eat less salt. Salt can actually dehydrate you and weaken your body’s immune system, making it much harder to absorb water when you drink it. You end up urinating out the excess moisture!
  • Don’t get too much sun! Just a couple of hours per day is just fine in the sun but overdoing it is a surefire way to dry your skin out. Instead, take the right precautions and use sun blocking lotion or getting out of the sun after you start too get too heated up can prevent a lot of sun damage from happening that makes your body look a lot older.
  • Stop smoking! Smoking is actually one of the easiest ways to dry out and weaken your body. Quitting cigarettes makes any effort you have to help improve skin tone and moisture ten times more effective!
  • Don’t shower for too long. Showering can actually drain the skin’s essential moisture and leave it less moist than it was when you first got in. Shocking that water can drain your moisture but it’s actually true!
  • Drink plenty of water. This is pretty obvious.
  • Consume plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. These will help your body produce the necessary enzymes to form collagen, which is very important for overall skin health and keeping a younger, fresher looking appearance.

What Anti-Aging Moisturizers Can Help?

If you are taking great care of your body, maybe you need an extra push in the right direction in terms of a serum or cream. You gotta do what you gotta do to look younger! We suggest using all natural products that help moisturize and have very few side effects based on past user experience. Here are some of our favorites on the market right now.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream

Eyes tend to show age much faster than the rest of the face and body. The best way to fight this is with a wrinkle repair eye cream like the one from Neutrogena! Just apply it a few times per week to get best results. Also combine it with some cleansers and a solid routine like the one detailed above for best results!

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is an amazing moisturizer and incredible source of antioxidants to reduce the signs of aging dramatically. It’s one of the best reviewed products of its type!

Ambi Skincare Fade Cream

This is one of the more affordable anti-aging moisturizers available on the marketplace. Coming in at under 20 dollars for a single tube, you can get amazing results in terms of moisture and incredibly younger looking skin for a good price. It also has a tremendous amount of vitamin E, which has been proven to improve collagen synthesis and allow better recovery by harnessing essential antioxidants.


An all natural supplement, vitacream is one of the most wholesome and reliable sources of vitamin C and moisturizing agents available on the market today. It has been proven to have an extremely positive effect on the body in terms of both moisture and signs of aging.

Overall, any of the above will help, but using a couple of them in combination with a healthier lifestyle is what will really improve the skin’s texture and moisture. If you suffer from dry skin, try a few of the above out to see what the results are in combination!

You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much younger you look! Keep trying everything you have at your disposal and the years will melt away.