What Is The Best Anti Wrinkle Serums That Really Work?

All Natural Anti wrinkle serumThere’s a load of buzz about natural products these days. Natural this and natural that have been taking over the media, grocery store and many of the things we see on a daily basis. The theory is that what you expose your body to on a regular basis should be a lot of the same things that your body would be exposed to in nature. This is great in theory, but in practice it can be pretty tough to actually figure out what it would be!

For instance, if a product at the store is labeled “all natural”, does that automatically mean that everything that comes from it has in some way come directly from nature? Unfortunately, terms like that mean very little when it comes to FDA standards in product labeling and marketing. A company can claim something is all natural without really having to put much if any work at all into making sure that everything in that product is actually natural. What a surprise!

This doesn’t mean we should give up. The reality is it is better. Organic foods and raw foods are examples of high quality, antioxidant rich food sources that have been proven to be much healthier for you. Skin care is no exception at all. Organic wrinkle cream and anti-aging products are an amazing tool for us to look younger and feel better, and when used with organic ingredients, it’s not only more effective but also safer and better for you.

So what are some of the most important reasons why natural wrinkle cream is better? Here are some of our favorite that you should consider.

  • Organic products have fewer allergens and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your body. You can safely and easily use natural products without worrying about hives, inflammation and many other problematic allergic reactions that products have.
  • These products are less likely to cause cancer. Some products contain harmful, lab synthesized chemicals that can eventually lead to having cancer. We are not saying this is what will automatically happen but too many chemicals can be a factor.
  • Natural wrinkle cream and other products just work better. Your body is designed to respond a certain way to certain elements. In particular, elements that are common to your own design and your natural environment work the best.
  • They are often times much better at keeping your skin younger. You will be able to recover more easily with better quality antioxidants and vitamins.

Overally, natural is the best route to go. Your skin is not designed to absorb certain chemicals that might cause huge problems in the long run.

Some of the worst chemicals you can put into your body are found in skin creams, makeup and other products you might put on your face on a regular basis. Many people don’t link the product to the symptoms they are having and so they just believe that nothing is wrong at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most Dangerous Chemicals In Skin Care Products That You Want To Look Out For

  • Benzoyl peroxide. This is commonly used in acne treatment and other types of creams. While it does kill acne, it also damages your skin and can cause permanent damage to your immune system if used on a regular basis.
  • Coal tar. This one is actually banned in Europe. It’s used for dry skin treatments but has been linked to cancer and other problems with the skin and body.
  • Used to lighten and enhance the skin. This one is banned in the UK and is considered one of the most harmful chemicals in skin care. Has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems among other things.
  • DEA/TEA/MEA. These are commonly suspected cancer causing agents that are used in some soaps and cleansers and occasionally even wrinkle creams.
  • Mineral oil. Sometimes used in moisturizing cream and wrinkle creams, this has been proven to create a harmful film around the skin cells that can impair your body’s ability to fight off certain infections and problems.
  • Placental extract. As disturbing as it is to think we use placentas in skin and hair products, it has been shown to be occasionally true. We use placental extract as a means to improve skin, but it can have an awful effect on your hormones.
  • This is found in a wide variety of skin care products such as makeup, creams and ointments. Has been linked to liver and kidney damage and is illegal in many countries around the world.
  • Polyethylene Glycol. Used in cleansers to dissolve grease. Has a tendency to dry out and damage skin while also being a possible carcinogen.

So that is a pretty comprehensive list. Keep in mind that for many products, those are not considered an ingredient but rather a contaminant so they might not even be listed as a product on the label. This means you will have to do your homework and search online for problems with the product as well as any possible defective ingredients that it might have by mistake from processing and storage.

Googling the name of a product is a great way to determine if its organic or not. A lot of times, people will complain or expose a company online as a result of bad side effects from particular types of chemicals and they will be willing to share their story online, but it will not be readily advertised on the product or anywhere on their website. Keep a very close eye on any company you haven’t done business with before to see what sort of ingredients or contaminants they might have in a product before using it.

And remember, even if using an organic wrinkle cream is a little more expensive, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than cancer, reproductive problems or liver damage that you might encounter using the second rate, artificial stuff. Keep it real and organic for the best results and health!