How Does Laser Extraction of Cellulite Works?

Cellulite laser removalIs cellulite preventing you from wearing a short skirt? If yes, you don’t need to overhaul your wardrobe; you need to do something about that ugly dimpled skin, which looks like what, orange peel?

And when we are on the topic of cellulite removal, the treatment you will often come across is laser treatment, which many celebrities use to change their bodies for good. But is it really the way to go? Is it all good good or are there any bads as well? Let’s say, you can afford it; so, should you go for it?

What Causes Cellulite Formation In The First Place?

Before beginning with removal process, it is imperative that you know what causes it in the first place so that it can be removed effectively. First of all, it is a form of fat, but different from normal fat that can be simply removed with the help of losing weight. Cellulite fat is just beneath the skin, is fibrous in form and is therefore, much harder to get rid of. Most of the times, it is hereditary and usually appears around the abdomen, hips and thighs. Other places it may appear are on the upper arm and calf muscles.

First things first, lose weight…

The first thing you need to do is check if you are overweight. Being overweight is one of the reasons that causes this type of formation. For effective cellulite removal, you need to lose extra weight so that you can get in shape and radically reduce the appearance of this condition.

However, simply losing weight alone does not help. A lot of slim people also have patches of cellulite over their body. You need to add workouts and rigorous exercises to your schedule as well. This way, your muscles will be able to cut through the fibers of fat formation, get smooth and in a better shape. One thing to remember here is that this problem have the tendency to come back. So, you will have to keep yourself in shape and manage a regular workout routine.

Laser Treatment:

Most of the cosmetic experts suggest laser cellulite removal because it is the most effective way to overcome its formation. This treatment works directly on the areas having cellulite formation and breaks the fibers binding the fat to the skin into smaller pieces. Then it gradually melts that fat, helping you rid of that bumpy formation that is causing you feel alienated.

A typical laser treatment takes 2-3 sessions, depending on the condition of cellulite. It may take a higher number of sessions as only one session in the formation is not enough.

This type of treatment works in three different ways, all having their own levels of effectiveness.

The Nanometer Laser Treatment:

This type of therapy involves a small surgical procedure. Following a skin-deep cut, a fiber optic is inserted under the skin. With the help of laser, the fat fibers are cut from the skin. The next step is of stopping the blood flow to the cellulite fibers, which inhibits its growth for a long time. After the procedure, the patient needs to wait a few weeks for the incisions to heal.

The impact of Nanometer treatment starts appearing after a few months. It usually takes 2 months for the results to surface. The formation gradually decreases because of the lack of nutrition and then disappears.

The Nanometer treatments is only helpful on large areas like hips, abdomen and thighs.

Cryolipolysis Cellulite Removal Method:

This method solely relies on laser treatments. With the help of laser beams, the molecular activity of the lipids is inhibited, which puts them in coma. The next step in this process is dissolving the fat fibers that are causing the formation. Extended exposure to laser beams is required for this process. On an average, it takes 45 minutes to dissolve 1-inch of fat.

Any laser procedure takes 3-4 sessions to complete spanning over weeks, therefore the results are not immediate. There is swelling and slight pain on the area of the treatment, which happens after every session of the therapy.

There is no guarantee that your skin will become equally smooth from everywhere. You will lose cellulite fibers but at what ratio on every inch, you only know when it is done, which can be real bad when it is over. In addition, not everybody can have laser removal. People over the age of 50, people having cardiac, hypertension, diabetic or liver related disorders cannot have this treatment. Moreover, allergies, previous record of chemotherapy and possible inability to cope with this type of treatment are also singled out.

You have to be healthy, not overweight, young and medically perfect to have this type of treatment, which pretty much kills the convenience most people say that it offers for everyone.

Laser treatment can be a very costly option to go for. The complete treatment for one location costs around $3500-$4000. If you are going for multiple locations at once and are taking a wholesome discount offer from a laser clinic, it would still cost you $7000-$8000. Now compare this to the next method of cellulite removal I am going to tell you about, you will drop the idea of laser therapy without a second thought.

Removal With The Help of Creams:

Compared to all other ways to get rid of cellulite, using creams seems to be the most effective one in both terms; results and cost.

The core benefit of using creams is that you can apply it on the areas that you want to heal. The cream gets absorbed in the skin and inhibit the effectiveness of lipids, like in a laser therapy. In addition to this, they un-root the cellulite fibers from the skin, expediting the removal process. With the help of creams, the results start appearing after a few weeks of regular use and become noticeable in almost 8 weeks.

In a laser treatment, it will take you almost 3-4 moths to get noticeable results, costing you thousands of your hard-earned money. The pain and inconvenience you have to face is apart from this. Now compare this to a good cream that has proven its effectiveness to overcome cellulite. A cream also takes 3-4 months to give noticeable results, at a fraction of the cost.

A reliable way for an effective cellulite removal is using a cream made from natural and FDA approved ingredients. This would ensure that you are surely getting rid of this type of condition, at a fraction of the cost, without any inconvenience and pain and with really long lasting results. Plus, add workouts and diet control to your schedule to get the best results.

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