Sunless Tanning Reviews – Which Is The Best?

best sunless tanning reviewsbest sunless tanning reviewsYou desire to savor the beach or other outdoor spaces but your skin cannot allow you. It has a pale look that is likely to blind everyone. But your heart and body want to be bathing under the sun. This is the time to grab the bottle of sunless tanning cream and hit the beach in an hour. It gives you the confidence to put on your newest bikini or body suit and show it off beyond displaying your newly acquired curves.

A sunless tan product also gives you a golden glow in winter that confirms that you have been on vacation despite it being winter. This is the idea range of products that will leave you feeling more confident about your body and generally about yourself. This will improve your prospects and make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Reliability of Self Tanners

Over time, you will realize that the sun is the worst option in your quest for a tanned skin. The sun does not follow your instructions and will not get the job done within the hours between now and your next hang out with friends or outing. The UVA and UVB rays will be a disaster on your body. The damage is short time through sun burns while long term exposure is likely to cause skin cancer. These are troubles you are willing to avoid at all costs. Furthermore, the sun is not always out when you want a tan. To avoid the disappointment, a bottle of sunless tanning item will do the trick.

Self tanners provide a variety of options including lotions, gels, creams and prays. There are also wipes that can be used to achieve a deliberate shade on target areas. There are different shades depending on your current condition and expectations after application. The tanners are clearly labeled to make it easier to choose.

How to Choose a Self Tanner

The choice of a gel, lotion, wipes, spray or cream depends on ease in application. Lotions are easy to apply on the face, legs and arms. This also applies to creams and gels. On the other hand, sprays are perfect if you wish to get a uniform tan even on folds. Gels and creams are difficult to use on tight angles and folds compared to sprays. Wet wipes are best used to create a uniform shade by enhancing areas that did not pick the shade during initial application. They are also used for retouching different sections because they are easier to control.

Self Tanners for Sensitive Skins

Self tanning brands are clearly labeled to direct users on what product to use for each particular skin. There are tanners for oily skin, dry, normal and sensitive ones. You will be required to identify your type and head to the stores where you will get a perfect match.

Selecting the right tanner for your body will protect you from irritation and allergic reactions. The tanners are enhanced with body  care substances based on what your type needs to remain healthy and glow all the time. They work by reacting with the dead cells on your skin. This means that they will help in regeneration which will keep your body look young and vibrant.

Instant Tanning Effect

The time taken to tan the body depends on the type of product you have chosen. Some of the products, especially sprays, have an instant tanning result. They dry immediately to give you the desired appearance. This means that you can use the tanner as part of normal grooming.

Lotions and gels are likely to take more time to dry and give the desired effect. This is because of the time it takes to react with the body and form the appropriate tan. The effect can be hastened using special effects found in tanning booths and salons. Manufacturers indicate the average time taken to achieve a particular tan.

The time taken for the tan to disappear from the body also varies from one product to the other. It may take two to three days and extend up to an entire week. This gives you a perfect look during your vacation weekend or when you are attending the conference without the danger of changing your color. The shade fades off uniformly and gradually which saves you the embarrassment of unevenly tanned body. It is not removed or affected by contact with water. This allows you to carry on with normal duties without the fear of destroying your look.

Odorless Tanning

The best sunless tanning products are odorless tanning. This means that you will not have to contend with a rotten egg smell instantly or for several days. It allows you to tan your body and immediately leave the house for normal business.

Scented Self Tanning Items

Different manufacturers provide scented tanners for different skins and shades. There are common flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other unique scents that are available in the market. This means a double effect where you will get the body scent and tan in one application.

Self Tanning Procedures

Sprays are easier to use because they do not require a lot of precautionary measures. However, creams, gels and lotions require extra care to ensure that the tan does not spread all over. It is recommended that you use special gloves that will help you cover only the areas that you wish to tan. It is difficult to remove the tan once it gets into such areas as your nails and the palm of your hands. The gloves will be provided along with the product and application instructions. Sprays should not be used on sensitive places because of the thin nature of their particles. It is advisable to use wipes to reach all areas and ensure that the tan is uniform.

The choice of the right product will ensure that you get the tan you desire. Follow the application and skin care instructions given to guarantee excellent results. Read reviews or seek referral to ensure that you choose the right self tanning product.