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facial skin care reviewsYour skin needs to be maintained! Like a well-oiled machine, it can either be kept in tune and 100 percent up to date or left to rot like a piece of garbage on the side of the road. In order to make sure you are keeping them in check, it’s recommended that you use a good variety of facial care products that will keep you in tune. Some of these are a complete waste of money, but a select few actually work, get good reviews and don’t contain any dangerous ingredients.

Overall, the best type of product is natural. Whether or not you decide to purchase a single one of these products or types of products is entirely up to you. However, if you are putting something artificial or dangerous on your face like benzoyl peroxide or other chemicals that do not occur in nature at all, what kind of reaction can you expect to have? Keep in mind that many artificial ingredients found in products are often linked to cancer, infertility and inflammation of the skin to a severe degree. Stay away from it if it’s too laden with chemicals!

But lets’ get you stocked up. If you are in the market for this kind of products, a few of the most important types of items you’ll need to stock up on are:

  • These are very important. Throughout the day, your body retains a lot of dust and dirt. Cleansers help remove it and keep it from damaging your skin. Dirt and other things left on your body hurt cells, reduce collagen and cause inflammation. Clean it off!
  • No, not the one you use on a printer! Toners help improve by reducing inflammation and lightening them up. It makes you look a lot younger and more vibrant to use it as you will have a healthier, less blotchy and more lovely skin.
  • These are items that help open up the pores and improve the skin’s ability to breathe and be cleansed. Exfoliation is an important part of the therapy as when you exfoliate, you truly allow yourself to deep clean your body and keep it much healthier.
  • These are customized products designed to help a particular type of skin while improving overall health. they can be used to moisturize, reduce inflammation and improve your condition if it’s very picky.
  • They moisturize! Nothing is more frustrating than dry, flaky skin. Instead of having it like that, keep it regularly moisturized and don’t allow yourself to come into contact with too much sunlight. Skin health is reliant on moisture.

There is an amazing product with raving reviews available for just about every category we have in the product world. Instead of picking just one, we recommend you stock up on 3-4 different categories and maintain a regular care regimen to keep yourself in tune and up to date on the latest and best treatments for your skin. This will result in skin that looks 5 or 10 years younger, sometimes even more!

If you think you’re ready to buy, a few of the questions you want to answer before diving in are:

  • What type of skin do I have? Keep in mind that the type you have is everything to treat your skin. Dry one needs more moisture. The sensitive one needs very pure, simple materials. Rosey, reddish needs plenty of antioxidants. Plan your routine out so that it factors in your type in a way that makes it easy to get healthy, vibrant skin.
  • What are the ingredients? Always look at the ingredients! Do not mess around with unnatural crap. Instead of putting things on your face that might make your body even worse, make sure that you are only putting things on your face that exist in nature and have been used for centuries. Your skin is not to be trifled with!
  • What are the side effects? If anybody has weird side effects, you might want to consider skipping it, especially if the person who reported those side effects has the same or a similar condition as yourself. Make sure to only use products where the side effects are mild or nonexistent.
  • What are the reviews? People who aren’t paid to give you an opinion on something will often give a pretty honest review of a product. It’s hard to find those people though! Even amazon has a pretty big problem with fake reviewers getting paid to post a bullcrap story about how well a product worked. Look around on forums and other real places for legitimate reviews about a product before buying.
  • What do you need it for? Are you trying to moisturize, improve health, reduce damage or do a combination of everything? The best strategy is one that factors for each element I mentioned in the above list. You get the most out of your body when you nourish it on every level. Keep this in mind and it will go a long way, but also factor in any of your own strengths and weaknesses before dropping cash on a regimen.

Ready to try out some of the best facial care products? Here’s a quick lineup of our 4 favorites.


This is an antioxidant and vitamin infused cream that has been proven to make you look healthier, more vibrant and more beautiful. The vitamins in the product make it amazing and allow it to be much more beautiful with just a few daily applications.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing

Cleansing is essential! We recommend using this one to two times daily after using an exfoliator to get the deepest clean possible.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

The best selling exfoliator in Japan, this is an amazing addition to your arsenal! It will help open your pores. We suggest using it in conjunction with a cleanser like the Aztec Secret Indian cleanser above.

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

This is a great toner for lightening up the skin and helping improve appearance and tone. It’s one of the best selling toners on