Reviews Of Idol Lash Reveal The Truth Behind The Eyelash Enhancer

best idol lash reviewsHow many times have you tried to find the perfect mascara? Something which would lengthen and volumize your lashes? Every woman wants to have long lashes that call attention to their eyes and make them pop. And although we are not all blessed with natural long fluttering eyelashes, we make do with whatever mascaras we can find. However, the trouble of putting it on and taking it off is a task in itself, let alone finding the right mascara, which could give us oh-so-natural look without much effort.

However, the trouble of putting it on and taking it off is a task in itself, let alone finding the right mascara, which could give us oh-so-natural look without much effort.

What if I tell you that your days of mascara-worry are behind you as you can get naturally long lashes in only few weeks? Yes, that’s right. A product known as Idol Lash has come into the market and is making its name as one of the best eyelash enhancer. The product has not only created buzz on online forums but has also earned coverage in the media.  Channels like Fox, CBS, CNN and ABC are stating it as one of the best eyelash growth product which uses natural ingredients and is safe to use. One celebrity, Nicole – singer and a model, has vouched for this product and has stated it as ‘one the most essential products in my beauty bag’.

Excited to know about this fantastic product? Read on to find details about it, the most amazing eyelash enhancer there is.

How Does This Product Work?

This product is the best eyelash enhancer product that is made from natural ingredients and guarantees to provide you with thicker, longer and darker lashes. The proteins and minerals in this product effectively lengthen and thicken the eyelashes, while making them smoother and silkier. Once you use it, your eyelashes are rejuvenated and moisturized, providing them with a sexy sheen. They also become resistible to damages and dry weather.

For best results, it is recommended to use the product daily at night. First remove your makeup, and then apply it from the base of the lashes towards the end.

The reason why this product may be gaining so much popularity is that its results have been clinically proven. A group of 15 participants were taken, who used the product for 2 to 4 weeks. At the end of the clinical study, it was found that the eyelash density of these participants increased up to 80% to 82%.

Ingredients Of Idol Lash

The best part of this one-of-a-kind eyelash enhancer is that it uses absolutely natural ingredients and still manages to provide you with 25% to 80% longer lashes in minimum time possible.  All the ingredients have been combined in a way to provide best results and provide you with natural and beautiful eyelashes in no time. Some of those ingredients include:

Kelp Extract:

This ingredient is rich in a number of minerals such as iodine vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D and E and calcium. The elements in this extract help to thicken the hair density and stimulate eyelash growth.

Nettle Extract:

This is an excellent ingredient to speed up the process of hair growth and strengthen the hair. With the help of this ingredient, your lashes can grow thick and long naturally. Nettle extract is also used in number of hair fall shampoos and female baldness treatments.

Honey Extract:

This is effective not only in elongating your lashes but also moisturizing them. This ingredient makes your lashes soft and silky and is a great protectant against dry weather.


This is an important ingredient for skin, nails and hair. It is excellent for providing the essential minerals to the hair and strengthening the lashes.

The above-mentioned ingredients sum up some of the ‘secrets’ behind the effectiveness of the product. Some other components which also help to make this product amazing are Chamomile Extract, Alfalfa Extract etc.

What Are People Saying About The Product?

After extensive research, we have collected few testimonials for you which may shed the right light on this latest eyelash enhancer:

“I have always found my eyelashes very thin and have tried a number of home remedies to enhance their growth, but have been unsuccessful. I learnt about Idol Lash online and the natural ingredients piqued up my interest.  After using the product for 4 straight months, I was astonished to find a definite growth in my eyelashes. They appear fuller than before. I definitely recommend it!”

“I have been tired of using false eyelashes to enhance my makeup looks or just to give a better frame to my eyes. A friend gave me Idol Lash as a present. At first I was apprehensive, but once I started to use it, oh boy, have I been ever wrong? Within 3 weeks of use, my lashes started to grow longer. I also felt the volume increasing as well.  I suggest everyone who has been using false eyelashes to give this product a go.”

“Totally worth the price. Can’t wait to order again.”


  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Gives results in a short period of time
  • Good packaging; comes with a mascara wand for application
  • Can be used on eyelashes as well as eyebrows
  • Permanent results


  • Results vary among users
  • A few customers have complained about their lashes falling out after they applied this. But this is very rare and generally users have not experienced such kind of side effect. Make sure you have got a genuine product from the official website.

Is This Expensive?

The product is quite easy on the pocket compared to some similar products. You have a choice to buy a package of 6 or one tube. 1 pack costs for $39.95 only. And if you buy multiple packs, you can avail a number of discounts and special offers.

Final Verdict

Using this product, you can say goodbye to wearing false eyelashes. This serum can give you luscious eyelashes which you have always dreamed about. It’s clinically proven natural ingredients and no side effects have made it very popular in the beauty industry.

If you are planning to buy this product, make sure you only order from their official website. Since a number of scams and fake products are circulating the market, it is best to be careful and buy directly from the manufacturers.

Click here to buy Idol Lash from its official website.