How To Grow Your Eyelashes Using Natural Serums

growth serums for eyelashesDo Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes make you all dizzy?  Let me tell you this; those long sexy lashes are not a real deal and you can look as sexy if you have the right products as well. But no matter how many fake lashes or brands of mascaras you use, you always yearn for naturally long and thick lashes, which would turn other women green with envy.

If you have always dreamed about adorning a pair of magnificent long lashes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you about one of the most effective methods to get beautiful lashes naturally. The eyelash growth serums have become quite a rage over the last few years. This article will provide you details about what those serums are and how they can help you get long and sexy lashes, which will not only turn heads but boost your confidence as well.

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How Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

Growth serums came into the market when the demand of lengthening mascaras and fake lashes started growing.  These serums have now revolutionized the market and a number of different brands are offering growth enhancement products for very reasonable prices.

These serums contain ingredients which not only help to lengthen the lashes but make them thicker, silkier and moisturized. These ingredients are carefully chosen as they are to be applied on one of the most sensitive parts of body. When you apply an growth serum, the proteins and minerals in the product help to generate new cells, which produce hair follicles. These tiny hair then grow and elongate with the help of essential ingredients. Those ingredients then not only lengthen the lashes, but volumize and plump them. This thickness might not be visible for some period of time. The results from eyelash growth products may vary from person to person and the brand used.

The most effective ingredients used in some of the best enhancing products are honey, nettle and kelp.

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Growth Product?

Some of the tips which can help you choose the most effective growth product:

  • The product should not only lengthen and thicken your eyelashes, but moisturize them as well.
  • The serum should be free of side effects; check customer reviews to find out.
  • The serum should consist natural ingredients only.
  • It should have a money-back guarantee.
  • It should be FDA-approved or tested by ophthalmologists.
  • The product should have positive customer reviews.

Why Use Eyelash Growth Products?

For centuries women have been using home treatments to enhance their eyelashes. But what these women aren’t aware of is that home remedies are not the only way to grow lashes long and beautiful. Several cosmetic brands have introduced growth serums which help to make your eyelashes look longer, thicker and more appealing quickly and effortlessly. These products are designed after extensive scientific research and experimentation.  These serums are of two types; a) serums filled with chemicals that enhance lashes rather easily and b) serums made with natural ingredients. When choosing an growth serum, it is best to select the one made with natural ingredients as it will be free from dangerous side effects. If you choose a chemical loaded product, who knows what you may end up doing to your eyelashes.

It is true that natural growth products might be slower in providing you with the guaranteed results when compared to the artificial ones, but at least you will be safe from any negative reactions.

Things get difficult when you have to actually decide which brand of growth serum would work best for you. This deciding process is inevitable and comes your way no matter what product you are looking to buy. The best way to gauge the effectiveness and worth of any product is to read as many reviews from customers as possible. These usually paint the true picture about the product -all the pros and cons, what you may like and what not and whether it provides the desired results. Many reviews also outline the ingredients used in the product so you may see if you are allergic to any of them.

Many of the products these days are not very helpful. They either do not enhance your eyelashes or are scams. In both cases, you are ripped off your money. There are very few such products which actually work and have received positive customer reviews. You might have heard of Idol Lash eyelash enhancing serum. This product has made quite its name in the market and is rated as one of the best ways to lengthen lashes naturally. The enhancer does not only give you fantastic results but is completely safe to use. You may click here to visit the official Idol Lash website.

Why Should You Use Idol Lash

  1. Made with natural ingredients like kelp extract, nettle extract, honey extract, keratin, chamomile extract, alfalfa extract and more, this product makes your eyelashes longer, thicker and shinier. A clinical study was conducted with Idol Lash in which it was found that the eyelash density of the participants increased up to 80% to 82%.
  2. Idol Lash is completely safe as it doesn’t have any side effects.
  3. It is very easy to use. The serum is applied with a mascara-like wand, which comes with the product. You only need to remove your makeup completely before applying the serum.
  4. The guaranteed results of Idol Lash can be seen in a short period of time (28 weeks according to the manufacturers), when compared to other similar products and home treatments. Also the results achieved with this enhancer are permanent.
  5. The product is very affordable as you can buy a pack, consisting of 6 tubes, for only $39.95.
  6. Idol Lash has a 90-day money-back guaranteed.


Before buying an growth product, make sure to do your homework. Do not settle for an enhancer which is harmful and doesn’t have proper customer reviews. Some products, like Idol Lash, may seem ineffective in the beginning, but they benefit in a long run and prove to be excellent investments. If you are looking for fuller, shinier and sexier eyelashes, then your makeup bag should not be without an excellent enhancing serum.

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