Top Anti Aging Skin Care Tips You Must Know

top anti aging lotionsSkin care products are full of complex ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals. It’s hard to tell when a product is truly natural and safe for use. Overall, anti-aging serums are typically a bit more effective when it comes to treating the root causes of aging, which are damaging skin elements like excessive sunlight, heat and chemical exposure. We can’t reverse aging, but certain treatments can help.

Why Anti-Aging Cream Sometimes Work A Lot Better Than Ones Containing Artificial Ingredients?

  • Natural ingredients leave less room for side effects. Your skin is a lot more likely to react to a complex chemical than it is to react to a leaf extract, antioxidant, vitamin or naturally occurring protein. That’s why it’s sometimes a lot safer to go all natural when it comes to anti-aging.
  • Natural works with your body’s existing defenses to fight against aging, damaging and other factors that work against your body. Since your body already knows how to fight the forces of aging, why add in another complex element to the mixture and try to force an unusual chemical into the mix?
  • Natural anti-aging serums can help your overall well-being. After all, do you know of anyone that has a problem overdosing on vitamin C or moisture? No? That’s cool because we really don’t either.

So now that we’ve settled the debate on anti-aging products versus chemical based treatments, it’s time to look into some of the best and worst. The best ingredients are the ones that if you see on ingredients, it’s absolutely a must-have and very natural and healthy for your skin! The worst, well, that means you should pretty much avoid it at all costs. Even if it works, it might not be worth the side effects.

The Best Anti-Aging Serum Ingredients

  • Vitamin C. This is really just one of the best overall ingredients in the world, but no surprise, it’s also one of the best for preventing the signs of aging. Every day, more and more research is coming out to prove the benefits of vitamin C in terms of beauty products. It is absolutely amazing just how important this is to your overall health as it is needed to produce collagen.
  • This is considered a lightener as it has a tendency to improve pigmentation. It is great for reducing signs of aging if you have too much color and redness in your skin. It is a type of vitamin A and works well in conjunction with other vitamins.
  • This is literally the glue that keeps your cells from falling apart. You can supplement this with a cream or with a pill to keep your levels high and prevent your skin from falling apart every time you have a shortage.
  • This is an antioxidant that is commonly associated with the herb turmeric. It is very powerful and can keep your skin’s immune system strong.
  • Green tea extract. Green tea is good for more than just weight loss and a refreshing hot beverage to drink on a beautiful afternoon. It’s also rich in powerful antioxidants that have a proven positive impact on body tone.

And Now For The Worst! Avoid These Skin Care Ingredients At All Costs!

  • This chemical is known as a lightener and is found in a wide variety of anti-aging products. The reason it’s so problematic is because it’s artificial. The other reason it isn’t good is because it is designed to reduce the melanin production of the skin. You can’t get more than a certain amount of it over the counter. Avoid this if possible.
  • Mineral oil. This is a cheap filler for a lot of products that does almost nothing for the skin itself. The one thing it does do is form a thin layer over the skin that reduces its ability to defend itself. This is not good news. Cheap products often have a lot of mineral oil.
  • Surprised? Collagen is a natural ingredient but it’s unnatural to have it applied directly to the skin. It can’t do much of anything if it isn’t synthesized by your body. Since you can’t absorb collagen and turn it into skin cells, this one is basically pointless. Avoid it and work on improving your body’s natural collagen production instead.

The Diet To Go With The Anti-Aging Serum…

Don’t forget about the diet! A lot of people spend most the time worrying about smearing junk on their face and totally forget about all the other factors of healthy body. Let’s forget about these crazies for a moment and accept the reality that your body needs healthy food sources too! Here are our suggestions for healthy food to improve your skin tone and make you look a lot younger…

  • Eat clean and natural. Processed foods can cause your skin to get inflamed and reduce the availability of antioxidants and vitamins to it. Don’t eat processed meats or cheeses. Instead focus more on vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat a ton of berries! Berries are the healthiest fruits on the market. The reason is simple: they have a tremendous amount of antioxidants, plus they aren’t terribly sugary. It’s a great combination!
  • Get healthy oils like olive oil, fish oil and flaxseed oil. These are critical to getting the right balance of moisture in the body and keeping essential nutrients flowing at all times.
  • Watch out for dairy and wheat. These have been known to cause inflammation in a lot of people. Try removing it from your diet to see the response. If your body improves, you know you need to avoid those foods!

Anti-aging cream isn’t a backwards ticking clock, but it is a darn good way to make it look like you’ve lost a couple years. Combine the tips above with some of our top recommended products to get an amazing, younger look to your skin!